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Brian Johnson once said: “Rock ‘n’ Roll is supposed to be a laugh, and we’ve done a hell of a lot of it!” Bon Scott also shows his sense of humor in the “Let there be Rock” video interview, where he tells the story of when he first saw Angus on stage: “I laughed and I laughed - and I still laugh.” he said.

...and THAT is what AB/CD is all about! Rock ‘n’ Roll and having a good time!

AB/CD has just taken the whole thing a little bit further considering the humor. “We just want to play and give ourselves and the audience a good time....and A GOOD LAUGH!”

We’re sort of The Disciples of AC/DC . - “A Good Time Rock ‘n’ Roll Band!.

Nalcolm says: “It´s important though, to make things clear here on the internet where AC/DC fans see our webpage everyday and are maybe wondering - What the hell is THIS?”

“Whatever you might think: - We have NEVER tried to make AC/DC look silly or bad. If someone think so, they´re very wrong.”

- The biggest love we have is for the Best Rock ‘n’ Roll band of all time - AC/DC


Vi kör det bästa från AC/DC's setlist. Allt ifrån gammalt med Bon Scott till det nyare med Brian Johnson. Från “Dirty Deeds” till “Stiff Upper Lip”.


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